Solarized Minimal

Solarized is a popular color scheme designed by Ethan Schoonover. One of the unique features of Solarized is that it supports both a dark and light theme, using the same sixteen colors.

Text editors like Atom and Visual Studio Code support syntax highlighting based on the format and grammar used in TextMate. This makes it possible to theme pretty much any part of a document, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should.

Solarized Minimal aims to create a more homogeneous and subtle use of the Solarized palette by assigning colors primarily through the root groups described in the TextMate documentation.


Open up the Settings view Ctrl+, choose the Install tab, and make sure the "Themes" toggle next to the search box is selected. Search for "solarized-minimal", and install the dark and light themes.

Now go to the Themes tab, and choose either theme from the Syntax Theme dropdown.

Visual Studio Code

Open the Extensions view Ctrl+Shift+X search for "Solarized Minimal" and install the theme.

Now go to Preferences: Color Theme Ctrl+K Ctrl+T and select either theme from the dropdown.